AVON Naturals: Mandarin and Kiwi Conditioning Hair Yogurt :))

Yesterday, I was sooo bored at home and tried a simple hair remedy from AVON. Actually, my mom is a dealer that's why I was able to try a lot of products from AVON. Anyway, don't expect that they are free because unfortunately, they are not. As what do they always say, "business is business", and it still applies even at home. Hahaha. Anyway, venturing into business is not our topic here, but it's about the AVON Naturals Mandarin and Kiwi Conditioning Hair Yogurt. What's with it? Well let me tell you in a bit. 

Honestly speaking, my hair is lifeless and frizzy, unshiny and some what you can call in tagalog "buhaghag". I also have lots of growing baby hair on the top of my head that's why I always need to put some leave-on to actually tame them down. I badly need a haircut as well, but I dunno, I always get lazy when I plan to go to the salon. Hehe. That's why I am suffering from a DULL, DRY, BORING hair right now. How hopeless...

Anyway, since I am fond of trying beauty products, I checked out this Mandarin and Kiwi Conditioning Hair Yogurt. Well obviously, this has yogurt which is known to condition and renew damaged cells (or perhaps damaged hair-strands). Yogurt also promotes hair growth, and adds softness to it. This also has mandarin and kiwi extracts which have antioxidants and vitamin C, making our hair appear younger, shinier and healthier. Good thing because for only 170pesos (or 125pesos when on-sale), we can now have this product in a 150g canister. I think depending on your hair length, this might last for up to 10 uses—worth it already!

HOW TO USE this product:
After shampooing, apply a generous amount from hair roots to tips, leave on for 5 minutes, and rinse well (see detailed instructions above).

Well for me, I guess I let it stood for almost 20-30 minutes on my hair. Anyway, this didn't cause any harmful side effects so I guess it was just okay. I covered it with hair cap and rinsed it off thoroughly. Since it obviously made my hair super smooth and soft while rinsing, I can hardly determine whether I have washed off all the residue already, or if they were still in my hair. Haha. The conditioner itself smells like kiwi, but when I started to dry my hair, this didn't leave that lingering smell unlike those other commercial shampoos and conditioners do (maybe because I washed it off too much? Hehe)

Anyway, I love this product since it tamed my "buhaghag" hair. My hair feels so soft, smooth and "bagsak", "walang sabit kung baga". This product must be used only once a week, so perhaps, I can only notice its long term effects after a month or so. As for now, I am totally satisfied with trying out this product, which is always out of stock due to demands. So if you're just bored at home and have nothing else to do, it's time to pay attention to your crowning glory and try AVON Naturals Mandarin and Kiwi Conditioning Hair Yogurt.

Contact your AVON lady now and give it a go!
(Or you can also order from me. Email me at: johan_dee_05@yahoo.com. Shipping fee is shouldered by the buyer :))


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