Pigeon Baby Pressed Powder :))

Oily skin? Yes, it’s a one serious problem among us. It’s really hard to find those great products which will really compliment your skin in an affordable budget. Good thing, I’ve read some points about a certain blotting powder (a baby powder to be exact), which is being compared to MAC Blotting Powder (which nearly costs around 1,200 pesos!). LOL. I haven’t tried MAC Blotting Powder anyway, I just read that it’s really recommended for oily/sensitive skin (but too costly for just a powder). So, I’ve just decided to try this Pigeon Baby Pressed Powder and lemme give yah my verdict.

Pigeon Baby Pressed Powder has two variants. One which is made from Indonesia (but reviews says it does cause breakouts), and the other variant which is from Japan (definitely favoured by most), so I decided to buy this product right away (I’m a Japan lover anyway ♥).

So what’s with this baby product? Well, since it’s actually intended for babies, this product does contain mild ingredients suitable for sensitive skin, so lesser breakouts isn’t it? In fact, you can buy this at Baby’s Section in SM Department Stores/Landmark/Watsons in line with the diapers, feeding bottles, nappy clamps… LOL. But seriously, if it’s really the solution for my oily skin, then why not? Luckily, it’s not hard to find (bought mine at SM Makati Department Store) for a very cheap price of 279.75 pesos. Compare it to MAC? We’ll, I was able to save a thousand!!! *evil laugh*

I wasn’t able to read the description written in the box since it has no translation, but I believe this product is really imported from Japan… hmmm.

Anyhow, this product is a bit bigger and heavier (45 grams) compared to other compact powders. It’s not practical to be carried around in our jeans pocket and it has NO MIRROR at all *sobs*. Well, keep in mind that it’s intended for babies, not for kikays >_<

Once opened, the compact is plain looking but it got a very nice and sooooft sponge. The powder is pressed a bit hard so you really have to push the puff onto it to get the powder. It has no scent at all and it’s only available in one shade, which is white.

And wut’s my judgment? Well, this powder doesn't suit me :((

Yes, it does control my oily skin for few hours; however, I am back to my normal skin (oily T-zone) afterwards. Then I will try to reapply again, but since it only has a white shade, my face obviously becomes whiter which doesn't make it look like a natural “white”. I will more likely look like a geisha for continuous application... LOL. I fail, perhaps, this powder only works for normal-slightly oily skins, not for me. Ouch.

Anyway, I would still continue using this powder, perhaps at home, so I can still stay fresh looking. Will buy again? Not sure. Maybe if my face becomes less oily in the future. Haha.

‘Till my next blogpost!

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