How to Win at ClixGrid :))

Got nothing to do? Then let us try your luck...

Techniques on how to win at ClixSense's ClixGrid?

But, what is ClixGrid by the way? And what is ClixSense? Let's discuss :))

Anyway, to make it short, ClixSense is a paid-to-click (PTC) site, a legit one definitely, that pays you for viewing websites in a certain amount of time. It ranges from 3-seconds up to 2-minutes, well of course, the payment depends on the length of the viewing. ClixSense pays in "dollar amount", so if you're interested, better have your Paypal, or Payza account ready. Hep! But wait. Yes they pay in dollars, but to tell you honestly, if you still have no idea, PTC sites pay you in cents. Yes, it's just cents, per website visit. But ever since ClixSense started wayback February 2007, they have already paid their 2,229,857 members with more than $2,000,000 on time, every time! I haven't heard any issues regarding ClixSense payouts anyway. But see this. They pay only cents, but why there's still a LOT of members? It's simple. They earn a LOT from ClixSense.

There are many ways to earn at ClixSense, not just by viewing websites. You can also:

1. Complete Offers
2. Play ClixGrid
3. Shop Online
4. Take Surveys
5. Complete Tasks
6. Join Contests
7. Refer others to join the gang! :))

Will explain more of ClixSense in my next coming posts, so we better jump now to our real topic here, which is playing the ClixGrid.

Actual Image of ClixGrid Screen

Unlike viewing websites, in ClixGrid, you can win up to $5.00 that goes directly into your ClixSense account balance. How to play this? Just click anywhere on the picture and a sponsor site will open which you need to view for at least 10 seconds (or 5 seconds if you're a premium-user). After this, you will know if you are a winner or not. Hahaha. And so that's easy! This is just like trying your luck, and win... :))

I didn't win... Sad... (Click on the image to zoom)

Anyway, if you're just a regular member, you are granted 25 clicks with 10 seconds each. If you're a premium user, you have 50 clicks with 5 seconds each.

(Click on the image to zoom)

So, let me discuss to you all other details that you will see in your ClixGrid Screen.

Outlined in Green: Share button for facebook and twitter
Outlined in Yellow Green: My clicks for the day! (See the red squares)
Outlined in Red: My ClixGrid stats. (Number of clicks used and still left for the day, and the overall number of clicks. As you can see, I've also won $0.10 already. Hahaha (When converted into peso... uhmm pambiling juicy fruit. LOL)
Outlined in Lilac: Recent winners of prizes below $5.00 (who says we can only win $5.00?)
Outlined in Blue: Recent winners of $5.00 (oh yeah. They're lucky)

They usually say that you should have a pattern in order to win, or you should at least click boxes which are next to each other... Well, I don't believe in those techniques because the "lucky" box is randomly selected by their servers. Hahaha... :))

Now, now... Have you learned any techniques on how to win? (I guess none xD). Well, we shouldn't always base our lives with luck. We should plan ahead and we should always be determined... :))


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Frankk! Wooow you're luckier than me. I have won $0.10 once, but still not giving up! :)

  2. I won 5 dollars once. And thats the reason why I witdrew the cash 'cause it had reached 9 dollars

    1. Wow Vaishnav, I wish we have the same luck! Haha :))


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