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Cover Art for Volume 2

Well, this volume of Kagetora was the very first manga that I'd ever touched in my whole entire life. This was the very first manga that I'd ever read, unfolded, thought of, understood, perceived, loved, cherished and certainly, bought. This was the very first manga that introduced me to the world of Japanese comics... and taught me how to read the traditional Japanese way—from left to right, of course. Well, funny but I just thought before—I could find mangas definitely in Japan only... or! ... somehow, they might be distributed in those special Japanese shops here in our country (but what shop? where? and how can I get there?!) Hahaha. Well, way back then, I was very clueless regarding these certain kind of things. But luckily, thanks to National Bookstore, I got the chance of owning my super first ever treasured manga (woot woot!)—Kagetora 2.

Inside Pages

Oh, well, I bought the second volume because obviously, the volume one was already sold out (or maybe the store just didn't have the volume 1). And I came to choose Kagetora out of all those shounen and shojo mangas displayed in the shelf 'coz... simply because Kagetora is a ninja! Hahaha. (Well, yah know, I was so fascinated by Naruto way back during that time). September 16, 2006 was the exact date that I purchased this Kagetora manga (Yes I remember of course! Because I wrote that special date on the very first page of the book). And definitely I'll tell you—I liked the story so much! I love everything about 'em. The plot, the characters, the drawing, everything! I love Kagetora Kazama! I love Akira Segami (“Manga-ka” or author/creator)! He's so awesome! And I love Taka... (“must kill”)

Kagetora Kazama

Yuki Toudou

Well, the story is about a ninja named Kagetora who is serving a renowned family of skilled martial artists—the Toudou family. His mission is to teach and to guide Yuki (the heir to the family fortune) in improving her martial arts abilities. Unfortunately, though being a sweet and a cute girl, Yuki lacks in physical strength and is somehow an awkward one. Because of this, Kagetora is always ready to rescue and protect his "Hime" (Japanese word for "princess") in any situation and at any cost. But soon Kagetora finds himself falling in love with Yuki (Awe!) which is a great dishonour for a ninja. Well, the real question here is... What's gonna happen next???

Volumes 2, 3 and 4

Actually, as of this moment, I only have four volumes of Kagetora—two, three, four and five. The fourth volume was bought by my brother (because I was short budgeted at that time) Haha. And after the fifth one, no more. Somehow, I got quite bored of reading Kagetora (though I love it so much!) because of the same things that happen in the story all over again. See this, a new character will appear who has an eye for Tora, or if not for Tora, for Yuki instead. And then a new relative will soon be also appearing volume by volume that will threaten to reveal Kagetora's true feelings for her... what else? I guess in the remaining volumes that I don't have, Yuki and Tora grow a bit older (based on the drawings), but somehow, their relationship still remained the same (I guess?). Well, I know it shouldn't be developed into a more intimate one but you know... no new twists (I guess?). No new much "kilig" factors and the like (I guess?)... And somehow, it should at least showcase a much deeper "friendship" between  Kagetora and Yuki. Yeah I know... Segami is still the manga-ka, haha! (Well anyway, these are just my opinions. Forgive me >_< this is such a lame review). Maybe, in the remaining volumes that I don't have, they did more exciting surprises to wow the readers and the fanatics as well... who knows? I just don't know, too. I haven't seen it yet… :((

Cast of Characters: (Descriptions taken from Wikipedia)

Kagetora Kazama
Kagetora is a young ninja whose job (oyakume) is to protect Yuki, with whom he is falling in love. Although at first he tries to deny his feelings, he soon comes to realize his true love for Yuki. He has a pet monkey and he has two older brothers who often pick on him. He was slightly pampered by his mother when he was younger, but she also made him stronger. He also is seen to often have low self-control.

Yuki Toudou
Yuki is the heir to the Tōdō family and must learn how to be skilled in self-defense and combat. She eventually develops feelings for Kagetora, which she subtly shows to him. She is slightly short, and is polite and charming, although a bit clumsy. During chapter 17 and 27 in volume 4, it is shown that she has better martial abilities when she is drunk, Kagetora thinks so too.

Akino Kiritani
Kiritani (or Aki) is Yuki's previous mentor, and she constantly competes with Kagetora. She is skilled in combat and is very strong physically. She is training under Saya Toudou, Yuki's mother. She is very protective of Yuki, like her younger sister. In the beginning, she develops a strong disapproval of Kagetora being her oyakume. Later on, she starts seeing Kujou, Kagetora's disciple.

Sakuya is Kagetora's childhood friend and fellow ninja. She is skilled in several ninjitsu arts, and vies for Kagetora's affection. She had a crush on him ever since she was little, and is very persistent. Yuki and she have a sisterly relationship that Kagetora does not understand. 

Shiroumaru Kazama 
The eldest Kazama brother. He and Kagetora have a very close brotherly relationship. Shiroumaru gets a lot of respect out of Kagetora though. He is most daring and knows Taka well. He resembles their father.

Taka Kazama
The second eldest Kazama brother. He often teases Kagetora. Taka although has very polite manners to others. He is responsible for Kagetora's fear of ghosts and such. Kagetora often shows a fear of Taka because Taka is most strict on him. He has a pet eagle Kagura, and resembles Kureha Kazama, their mother.

Indeed, Kagetora has a nice story, even though I haven't finished reading the whole thing yet. It does have 11 volumes—completed last 2006. But if I would just be given a chance of course, I would still wanna complete my whole collection of Kagetora manga, and I would still wanna read its story up to the very end. Funny, interesting, captivating... And somehow, I'm wondering if they have plans of turning it into an anime. Weee definitely, I'll watch that! And as for Taka... uhhhhmm.. ♥♥♥ *blush*

By the way, if you’re generous enough, I’m accepting manga donations of volumes 1 and 6-12… Yikes! =P


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