Good Times KTV Bar :))

Last Saturday, me and my friends went to Good Times KTV Bar at The Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Well, it was actually from a deal that my friend saw at Ensogo, which was a 3-Hour KTV Room use (for 5 persons) + 2 barchow plates + 1 cocktail pitcher + 5 VIP cards=250 Free KTV Hours; original value was 10,600php, but discounted for almost 86%!!! WOW as in WOW. So we definitely grabbed the opportunity right away, since we were actually looking for some relaxation away from the intoxicating atmosphere of our workplace.

Photo from Good Times Website

Well, first of all, the place is easy to find. However, if you are just commuting, I better suggest that you ride a taxi since a few public transport are just loitering around The Fort. Anyway, Good Times wasn't really crowded when we arrived, we also asked for a reservation so there was no single hassle for us. The place was cozy and ...see-through (well, I mean to say that the walls are made out of glass, so you actually see other guests while singing, and they actually see you as well! Haha).

Photo from Good Times Website
This is not our actual room

Our room was beside the balcony, with over looking nearby establishments, and of course, the parking lot :P. However, I have noticed that our room was quite small for a group of five persons. Two of my friends were just sitting on a foot-stool-like chair which I found very uncomfortable for them (of course, we gals sat on the couch). The sound system was good, their TV screen was big, but somehow seemed to be so near to us (since the room wasn't spacious at all). Quite funny but at first, all of our karaoke scores were consistent zero, even if we already sang our hearts out! We asked for an assistance before this was fixed, and then it consistently turned to 100! Unfortunately, they were still using the traditional "song book", which was not complete with my preferred song list as well... *Pouts*

1st barchow platter: Chicken tenders, Onion rings, Potato wedges, Crispy kangkong
2nd barchow platter: Garlic mushroom, Buffalo wings, French fries, Calamares

Anyway, the food was nice and I liked their buffalo wings and potato wedges (I love potatoes!). We also had our Henessey that they served immediately when we arrived (which tasted like a juice for me).

Photo from Good Times Website

Overall, I guess they have at least 15-20 rooms, varying in sizes depending upon the number of persons.They even have a bar/disco-like section on the other side of the place, and everything is well maintained, including their restroom which is very spacious, clean and comfortable.

So far, what I can say is that I will definitely come back to Good Times again (since I still have to consume my FREE 50 hours of karaoke, hehe). Wasn't able to check their menu prices because we already had our free platter, but will next time! Let's see if the prices are affordable or not. So if you're out for a gimmick after work or by this weekend, better try the Good Times, and we'll see if you're really going to have a good time like me! :))


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    1. Hi there! It's quite sad to know that you had a bad experience here. Anyway, there are a lot of KTV bars and restos around the metro which offer superb services. Hope you'll try one soon too :))


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