LIP ICE Lip Balm :))

I've been reading a lot of good points about Lip Ice Lip Balms recently on different beauty blog sites locally and abroad, and that was the reason why it made me wanting to try this product as soon as possible. Luckily, you can find this at the nearest beauty shops just around the corner (probably Watsons), in a very reasonable price as well (around 89.00pesos only). So friendly and no hassle at all!

Since I've been suffering from chappy lips a very long time ago, I was so eager to find the right lipbalm that would perfectly match my demanding needs, and I believe this one would now be included to my list! This cute lip balm comes in an attractive kiddie design packaging, colors vary depending on what flavor you choose. For mine, I chose Orange Mandarin, and as what its name does suggest – Lip Ice – it gives this instant icy feeling on the lips once you apply, plus the delicious flavor making me want to eat the whole balm itself—it's like a menthol candy! So cooling and refreshing, it certainly has SPF15 that protects our lips from the harsh sunlight. Lip Ice Lipbalm also makes my chapped lips soft and kissable, feeling that I actually have baby lips again, and you can wear it all day long. Cannot believe I can get a lot of advantages in just a little yet affordable product like this. So handy, you can even put this in your jeans pocket or coin purse, apply to your lips and ready to go! ♥


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