How I Managed My Day... :))

I've been sitting here in front of my computer desk for almost 14 hours already (and counting!), straight and non-stop. I have to accomplish a lot of things today, including my very first entry here in Blogger. I couldn't decide on what topic to write about, so I've just decided to simply tell the world about my intoxicating tasks for the day.

Cleya, the protagonist in the story

Actually, my first entry here should have been about my story entitled "December Dream". Why December Dream? 'Coz I happened to dream about this story one time in December 2007. Hahaha. I'm just gonna tell the details some other time. Anyway, going back to the topic, as what I've said, I have to finish my very first ever entry here... (Hopefully ☺) I also have to update my entries in Hubpages (for my pending post which needs revision, and for the new hubs as well). Speaking of blog sites, I also got to check my Google AdSense application if it was approved or not, AND unfortunately, it wasn't. I guess I have to maintain my blog site first before seeking for the AdSense's approval. *Sob* 

Well, for money talk, luckily, I still have my PTC Sites which give me at least a little boost of hope. A single cent will eventually turn into millions! (Hahaha. How I wish) But hey, at least I'm earning. And because of this, I learned to value every single cent of my money. It's quite hard to earn instant money from paid-to-click sites, and it really needs a lot of patience. For those who has no idea about this, it's simply about clicking advertisements, viewing it on a certain duration of time, and voila! You'll be paid instantly! Just as easy as that. But somehow, they still have their downside, and that is they're paying you as for low as $0.001 or even $0.0005 per every click that you made. Anyway, not bad if you're hardworking and determined to click ads everyday. You can also earn from their referral program and other earning offers as well. You can also upgrade to have a premium account so that you'll have more ads to click. As what I've mentioned earlier, a single cent will turn into big bucks, and it's really possible. You just have to sign up on those trusted PTC sites, and start clicking on your ads while surfing the net, facebooking, tweeting or whatever your agenda may be. By the way, they pay you through Paypal or Alertpay (now Payza), so you have to sign up for an account if you don't have.

As for Paypal, you need to have a verified account if you want to have the privileges to send money without limit, as well as to have a secure, legitimate transactions as a seller, buyer and receiver of the money. Too bad, my Paypal account isn't verified yet, but I already added my bank account here! *Sob* Anyway, there are two ways of verifying your Paypal account—first is by linking your credit/debit card; second is by linking your bank account. Hopefully, by next week, my Paypal account MUST be verified, or else, I have to call my local bank again for some follow ups regarding this matter.

Anyway, for my last agenda (excluding other interests—watching videos, downloading mp3 songs, and bypassing my phone's pattern lock), of course, my Empires and Allies' moment! Anyway, before my recreation time, I still got to figure out a way on how to unlock my phone (since I forgot its pattern code and couldn't unlock it anymore. Haha). Ohh my... :(( Next week, will have to go to my phone's service center and have it checked, or else I may have to do the hardest part of it—Hard Reset to unlock this and have ALL my DATA erased! In short, I have to format my phone... Saaaad, saaad, saaad... And now, those memories will be gone... And will forever and ever be JUST memories—my inbox, my notes, my calendar, etc... :((

And yes! Finally, these are the list of my senseless agendas for the day (for the night I mean). It's already 6am and I now have to sleep. Hahaha. But before anything else, still have to visit my empire and finish my facebook things... :))
'Till my next blog post! ♥


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