Register Your Starbucks Card Online :))

Got your Starbucks Card already? Then it's time to register this online!

1. Simply go to

2. Click on the "Register Your Card" which can be found at the top of the page.

3. Fill in the details needed to create your profile.

4. Key in your card details. Note that the security code is the number which can be found at the back of your card, in which you have to scratch the silver coating first.

Anyway, I just noticed this: a single person can even own more than 1 SB card!? See the button below? It says "Add More Cards"! Woah. So if you're totally a coffee addict, then you may opt to buy more than 1 card. Nice. LOL

5. After clicking the "Create Account" button, a registration confirmation will appear on the screen. You also need to visit the email address you have indicated in your account information for a verification link.
REMEMBER! Follow the link provided within 48 hours to complete the registration. Otherwise, you will need to register again... Effort wasted :((

6. This is how the email verification should look like. Visit your email address and follow the link as stated.

7. After clicking the link, a new window will appear asking you to fill in your email address and password. Click "Sign-In" afterwards.

8. Oh well... After the long process of registering your card, I can now greet you a huge congratulations! Haha. You're now registered to a Starbucks Online Account! Click "Continue" to visit your account.

9. This is how your SB account should look like. Your last log was also tracked for security purposes. You can also see your current balance in this page and access your transaction history on the link provided. See how organized it is? You can even see the time and date and price of what beverage you bought the last time you sip your favourite coffee. LOL.

You can also see here how many stars you earned per category. See mine? I already have one (1) for beverage stars! Hahaha.

Below you can also check the benefits you can get upon successful registration. If you can see, I can now claim my FREE Grande Beverage anytime I would like to (as it was ticked). Yipeeee! I also have one slice of cake for my birthday month, however, it's not yet available for today (2 months to go).
REMEMBER! You may need to purchase any handcrafted beverage first before you can be able to claim your free cake. Ouch. Anyway, I also have no idea if you can get to choose your own cake flavour, which I hope, is allowed. LOL.

So now? Watcha waiting for? Register your card online now and receive these exciting goodies!

'Till next blogpost!


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