Nail Color of the Week: 4th of July :))

This entry should have been posted a few months ago in commemoration of the United States Independence Day, but thanks to my busy schedule (which is still busy up to this very moment), I was only privileged to blog this post today. Haha.

Actually, I only got to see this kind of design one time when I was browsing the net, and I have decided to have this kind of nail art during the US Independence week, and I am proud to say, I did this on my own! Yipeeeee! Now I call this “4th of July”. LOL. This was my first time to do nail art (and I don’t have any nail art tools), so forgive me for the lousy look =P

1. Your 4 fingers will act as the red and white stripes of the American Flag, so you first need to colour your whole nails in white. Apply two to three layers of white nail polish so it won’t look translucent
2. Colour your thumb fingernail with a blue polish having the same procedure as above, apply multiple coatings on it. Later on we will apply small white dots which will appear as the 50 stars of the American flag (Oops! Hold your horses pals! 50 stars doesn't mean that we’ll also be doing 50 dots. LOL)
3. After the base polish has dried, it’s now time to apply the red stripes on the 4 fingers. We need to create two straight strokes on top of the white coating and let it dry. Apply again another red layer so it won’t look translucent as well. Voila! The stripes are now done!
4. We’ll now create the stars (or the dots, rather). Just dip the nail lacquer brush into the white polish and dab it on the blue nails. No need to create multiple number of dots, just have some few which will fit onto your finger nail.
TIP! For more precise appearance, you can even use toothpick for this (or nail art tools if you have)
5. Let it dry and apply a clear gloss for that polished effect afterwards.

And then you have it! Belated happy 4th of July everyone! :))


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