Introducing: Starbucks Card :))

More than a month ago, Starbucks Philippines released a loyalty card which created a buzz not only for avid coffee lovers, but for those who love freebies as well. Let’s call it the Starbucks card, where you can see stars in your future.

I was just browsing my fave blogsite when I spotted an entry regarding the Starbucks card. It was just released the previous day, so I quickly grabbed my friend and we immediately got to buy our very own loyalty card. This Starbucks card is a way of saying their “thank you” to their patrons and this somehow acts like a “suki card” or an “advantage card” (if ever you got any of those) where in for every purchase that you make, there’s an equivalent point which is convertible to another item. The only difference is you can load it with any denomination so it somehow performs like a debit card. Have you got the “Happy Plus” card (for Jollibee, Red Ribbon, Greenwich, etc)? It’s really the same as this. You make a purchase using this card at any Starbucks stores and you earn “stars”. Stars can later on be redeemed for freebies. Weeee! Starbucks should have created this loyalty card a long time ago! LOL. But it’s alright; at least, they have it now (rather than never).

The Starbucks card can be availed at any Starbucks stores nationwide. You just have to buy it from the cashier, pick your design and your desired load amount. For first time users, you can choose between a card preloaded with 300 pesos (worth 300 pesos as well), or those which is loaded with 1,800 pesos (worth 1,500 only, thus having a bonus of 300 credits!). Anyway, SB card has two designs, but I got to choose the left one (see below). Since I am not a coffee addict (plus my suspected lactose intolerance syndrome. haha), I only availed the card preloaded with 300 pesos. But the good thing here is that after buying the card, you can register it online at and you’ll get a FREE Grande Drink!!! You’ll also get a FREE slice of cake when you purchase any handcrafted drink on your birthday month!!! Oha, you sure really got nothing to lose!

Registering this online also gives you access to your Starbucks account anytime, anywhere. This makes your account secured at all costs, and you can even check your transaction history, remaining balance, collected points, etc.!

Here’s the point conversion system of the SB card. You can earn 1 STAR when you buy:
  • Starbucks Handcrafted Drink (FREE Starbucks Grande handcrafted drink for every 12 stars collected)
  • 250g whole bean coffee (FREE 250g Starbucks whole bean coffee for every 10 stars collected)
  • Starbucks VIA Ready Brew (FREE 12-pack Starbucks VIA Ready Brew for every 10 stars collected)
Stars earned expire every March of the next calendar year, so I think mine will expire March 2014. As of the moment, I have already collected ONE handcrafted star. Hahaha LOL. 11 more to go to acquire that FREE drink! XD

You may visit to learn more about Starbucks card. Enjoy your coffee!


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