Tummy Flabs :((

And as of this moment, I would like to eat McDonald's hot fudge sundae. I would also like to eat Sinigang na Baka, or Sinampalukang Manok... (yung maasim na maasim!). I am also craving for french fries, Potato Corner to be exact, maybe cheese or sour cream flavour. Hahaha. Oh nooo!!!!! Actually, I am not afraid to be fat. I wanna be chubby anyway. But the sad thing here is that all those flabs just get stuck in my tummy... :((

Well, I'm just wondering... what if I try to enroll in a fitness gym? Hahaha. I'm sooooo desperate to have a flat tummy (or bonus if I could have some abs... LOL). But honestly, I'm so skinny yet I have bilbil? Yikes, that's so ironic... :P

Just fooling around... :))
'Till my next blogpost!


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