Nail Color of the Week: Metallic Blue Iron Nails :))

Wanna have that dark, steel-looking iron nails? Then lemme teach you very simple steps on how to achieve this!

First and foremost (of course), we need to prepare two blue variations of nail polish. For the base colour, we need to use a darker shade from the line of Caronia Nail Polish named “Blue Velvet (Frosted)”, and the top coating will be this lighter blue glitter frosted from Bobbie Premium Nail Care.

Now let’s start applying the colours! :))

1. Apply two coatings of the Blue Velvet (Frosted) to your finger nails. Let it dry before we proceed to the second one. This will act as the base colour of the metal which will make it look like an “old” steel…

2. Once dry, we can now apply the lighter shade of blue (glitter), which will create the “frosted” steel effect. One coating is enough for this, so the base colour beneath would still be appearing and would still be visible afterwards.

Here’s a closer look at the blending of colours.

3. You may also apply a clear gloss afterwards for that polished look.

And we’re absolutely done! Well, wasn't that easy? XD

TIP: If you’re in a hurry and have no time to let your polish dry properly (without having those eiffin’ scratches and bumps), this is the right nail polish style for you. Why? Because the glitter effect makes those scrapes and marks definitely unnoticeable! :))

‘Till my next blogpost!


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