Bath & Body Bliss Lotion: Youthful Glow :))

I was once browsing a Natasha July-August catalog when I noticed this hand and body lotion discounted for almost hafta price! From 90 pesos, it was only 45 pesos for a 100mL tube bottle. So me and my mum decided to order this product right away, and give it a very nice try! Aheee! we love discounts you know ♥

Bath & Body Bliss has three varieties namely “Intense Moisture” for supple skin (85 pesos), “Smooth N White” for whitening (95 pesos), and “Youthful Glow” for skin renew (90 pesos). Since my mum’s the one who’s going to use it, I asked her to choose whatever she liked among the three. Of course, she chose the latter, “Youthful Glow”. Let’s see if it’s really good, or if the benefits might be discounted as well same as its discounted price. Haha.

Well, based on her testimonial, she said that it’s totally gentle to the skin. It moisturizes and softens, so I opt to give it a try too… Hehe. Anyway, it has Vitamin E which is known to be really good for the skin and protect skin cells from ultra-violet rays, pollution, dusts and other harmful elements. It also has Vitamin A which promotes cell growth and regeneration keeping you radiant and younger looking. It really moisturizes the skin, leaving a mild scent not too overpowering with a non-greasy after-feel. So the verdict? Will be purchasing this again, even if it’s on sale or not on sale!

Pamper yourself on a budget! Contact your Natasha dealer now! :))


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