Gilligan's: San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia :))

One fine evening, me and my friend decided to take a breathe of fresh air, so we went to SM by the Bay at the back of Mall of Asia... (as if Manila Bay is fresh?) Anyway, after a long relaxing chit-chat, we decided to eat and to at least, have a taste of alcohol. Hahaha. (Somehow, this is to chill-out our tired spirits...) It was already late past midnight and Gilligan's was still jam-packed of their regular patrons... Nonetheless, we still opted this bar and resto since it was still spacious inside, mostly people chose to sit outside so that they can listen to the beat of the performing bands, which we actually avoided since we really wanted to have some peace-of-mind during that time.

Anyway, since I was craving for some pulutan that night, we tried ordering their Garlic Mushroom (85pesos). I was also craving for some inihaw and couldn't decide what to choose between Grilled Bangus Belly (155pesos), or Grilled Cream Dory (160pesos), but I still chose the latter, plus plain rice (26pesos). My friend ordered Chessy Cheese Pizza (180pesos), and then our beer (45pesos) which is a actually cheaper than the price of their iced teas and juices.

Garlic Mushroom :))

Well, the serving of their Garlic Mushroom is enough for 2 persons, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to taste the garlic flavor in it. I dunno why? Hahaha. Anyway, I'm looking for a pulutan with the zest of spices and with that tangy taste, but I didn't find it with their "Garlic Mushroom". I dunno if the sauce was just some gravy topped over those freshly picked mushrooms (from can), but something is missing from its flavor, and I wasn't satisfied.

Slice of Grilled Cream Dory

The Grilled Cream Dory, well, it didn't taste like it was grilled. I dunno why? Hahaha. Yeah it looked like it was grilled but again, flavor is lacking from it. I should have chose the bangus belly instead. Anyway, the fish meat is tender, and I didn't worry for any fish bones, since it was already filleted. However, I was only able to finish half of my rice, since I couldn't taste any flavor from my cream dory. Actually, I was using the sauce from the garlic mushroom for it to at least have a little hint of seasoning. Errr, I know these dishes are meant to be pulutan and not partnered with rice, but somehow, they should at least try to add some "Magic Sarap" or "Nam-Nam" to it, because the flavor was definitely plain boring...

Cheesy Cheese Pizza :))

The Cheesy Cheese Pizza was big, it was divided into 9 squares (approximately 3"x3" each?). Well, I just tasted a slice of it, and somehow, it tasted like cheese. Hahaha. Anyway, it was pretty obvious that my friend wasn't happy with his order, but he still managed to finish it (perhaps he was that hungry?). Well, I told my friend that if he's looking for that delicious, mouth-watering pizza, then he must go to pizza parlors, 'coz bars and restos like this focuses on beers and pulutans, not pizza. But hey, all our orders were bland, so where did they focus!? Aigoo... >_< Or perhaps, we just ordered the wrong meal? Hahaha.

Will come back to Gilligan's? I dunno. Maybe, if we have no choice... :))


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