Don Henrico's Pizza and Pasta and More... :))

I love Italian cuisine, that’s the reason why Don Henrico’s Pizza, Pasta and More... always score a 5-star ««««« rating for me. If you’re already tired of the typical Pizza Hut, Shakey’s and the like this holiday season, then it’s time for you to visit one of my fave restos and swear, you’ll be coming back for more. LOL

Now, lemme serve yah some of their delicious treats which will definitely satisfy your tounges…

Of course, when you say Italian dishes, pasta won’t be certainly out of the picture. They have Bolognese Spaghetti which costs 190 pesos. By the way, all their servings are already good for 2-3 persons for “sharing”, and they also have “family servings” which I guess, good for 4-5 persons. Since I had my 5-yr old niece with me during that time, I asked the attendant to make the pasta sauce a little sweeter, and it realllyyyy tasted soooo, sooo good! Even kids will love it for sure. Hahaha

Super yummy!!! *_*

Anyway, let’s start this first with the appetizer (LOL. I was too excited to present the spaghetti. haha). Baked Mussels costs 180 pesos — a very reasonable price for a tasty treat. WOW. It was oooozing with flavours! I’m a fan of seafoods (putok batok meals) and you would absolutely sip everything that’s left in the tahong shell. Sweet, buttery, creamy. I rarely eat baked tahong and I guess, this was one of the best I’ve ever tasted!

3-pcs Chicken ala Buffalo costs 380 pesos. I think the dip is garlic mayo, but I ate mine without it. I love the sauce and the mixture of spices in my mouth when I tasted this! The chicken meat is tender. Chicken ala Buffalo and their Buffalo Wings are one of their signature dishes here and a must try! This is what you call sarap to the bones! =P

Their chicken dishes are also available in 3pcs, 5pcs and 7pcs per order.

Cheesy Baked Lasagna!!! Yum yum yum! Me and my younger brother love lasagnas, and we never fail to order this whenever we visit an Italian resto. For 280 pesos, Don Henrico’s Cheesy Baked Lasagna is divided into 2 parts, I think the red one is of course, tomato sauce and the other half is cheeeeesse! Their lasagna is so creamy and succulent and… and… and what’s my name again? I forgot already. Hahaha LOL. Really, you should never fail to order this coz this is an all time favourite! You’ll be fulfilled, honestly, same as the satisfaction I enjoyed.

Don Henrico’s Pizza sizes are available in 10”, 14” and 18”. 10" Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza, 260 pesos (pictured above) is soooo cheesy (well, I love cheese) and way better than other pizzas in which you can’t taste the toppings anymore. Hahaha. Puro tinapay? LOL. Their pizzas have distinctive taste, keeping me craving for Italian dishes everytime I pass by their Glorietta 1 branch. 10" Don Henrico’s Supreme Pizza, 290 pesos (pictured below), is also one of their best sellers — with pepperoni, ground beef, ham, mushroom, red / green bell peppers, olives, onion and lotsaaaa mozzarella cheese!!! Oh ehm I really love this… T__T

*crave* *crave*

Don Henrico’s — definitely recommended for those who wanna be satisfied with great Italian flavour, large servings, reasonable prices and wonderful service not only for the holiday season, but for all year round! Will I be coming back for more? YES OF COURSE. Don Henrico’s will never be out of my list. Two thumbs up to this resto!

'Till my next blogpost!


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