Upgrading Your ClixSense Account to Premium :))

Hi guys! This time I will teach you a one-click step on how to update your ClixSense Account into a premium one.

But before anything else, what is ClixSense by the way? ClixSense is a legitimate paid-to-click (PTC) site that pays you for viewing websites in a certain amount of time. It ranges from 3-seconds up to 2-minutes, well of course, the payment depends on the length of the viewing. ClixSense pays in "dollar amount", so if you're interested, better have your Paypal, or Payza account ready. Hep! But wait. Yes they pay in dollars, but to tell you honestly, if you still have no idea, PTC sites pay you in cents. Yes, it's just cents, per website visit. But eversince ClixSense started wayback February 2007, they never fail to pay their members on time, everytime! I haven't heard any issues regarding ClixSense payouts anyway. But see this. They pay only cents, but why there's still a LOT of members? It's simple. They earn a LOT from ClixSense.

To be able to earn more and maximize the benefits you can get from ClixSense, I suggest you upgrade into a premium account. Why? Because premium account gives you lotsa freebies, more chances to earn and bigger percentage from your commissions. However, you have to pay $17.00 USD (or around 680 pesos) for this. WHY oh WHY? Because they give you more priority than standard members. Having your account upgraded means that you're serious in making money through ClixSense, and advertisers prefer to display their ads to viewers who have proven purchasing power only. Consider this. It's like being a VIP member in a membership club that you join. Be a VIP and enjoy your benefits! :))

Premium upgrade is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. You can even upgrade for the span 2 years and save 12%. To be able to upgrade, you may either use your earned balance or use your Paypal / Payza funds, as opposed to the standard membership which is totally free. Anyway, nothing's wrong if we don't upgrade to premium, we can still earn from ClixSense, though in a slow manner. To be able to earn more and faster, see the comparison of the premium account to the standard one, and let's see if premium does better for us viewers.

Lemme tell you one secret of those successful people in PTC... They make their accounts in premium... :))

Well, nothing's wrong if we try? I bet you'll be able to gain back that 17.00 USD that you invested in less than one year, in less than 6 months, or even 1 month! Of course, we still need to be hardworking, being a premium one doesn't mean that we'll be also doing nothing. Same scenario, we need to gather referrals, click ads, do tasks, but the good thing here is that we earn more, we earn faster. Try it, and you'll see the BIG difference and improvement in your account balance... :))

Now, here are the easy steps to upgrade to Premium ClixSense Account:

1. Under your account details, click the "Upgrade to Premium" button beside your account type.

2. You will be directed to a new screen tackling all the benefits of premium account. Read the details so you may have the idea. At the right part of the screen, you will see a button which says "Upgrade Using My Balance". If you wanna use your earnings for the upgrade, you may click that. If not, then you may click the button for Paypal and Payza, and you will be directed to their homepage (just be sure that your Paypal / Payza account has funds on it). As for me, I will use my balance to upgrade my account to premium.

3. And TADAN! Your account has been successfully upgraded! Woah that was so fast! With just one click, I can now enjoy and maximise the benefits of being a premium member for one whole year. Now lemme think, how much would be my earnings after a year? Hmmm.. I'm excited to know! For the meantime, I just have to make sure that my 17.00 USD won't go into waste, so let's all work it out!

Interested to join ClixSense? Then click here and have fun while earning!
Cheers! :))


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