Unboxing My Starbucks 2014 Planner :))

We’ll, this post is quite late since we’re on the third month of the year already… LOL. As usual, I was too busy these past few months… (or years perhaps) and I rarely find time to blog and to write entries here. Anyway, as what my favourite motto says “better late than never”, lemme show you what’s with the Starbucks 2014 Planner as I unbox this not so affordable yet very popular, versatile planner. HEHE

Getting this planner for FREE is as simple as drinking your favourite Starbucks coffee and collecting all the required stickers. But for those who cannot afford the luxury of paying 100+ pesos for a cup of coffee (multiplied by 16-20 times just to be able to collect all the stickers), you can still have this planner by buying this from those SB coffee lovers who are willing to sell it. Anyway, expect the price would cost a few hundred bux or even more; malaki ang ipinuhunan nila dito. LOL. Well for me, this is my 3rd year of doing buying and selling of SB planners (which I think isn’t a successful business. HAHA), since my potential buyers (my officemates) usually don’t use planners. Others, unfortunately, have already claimed their own SB planners. So in the end, para hindi masayang, ako na lang ang gagamit T_T.

Anyway, I got this planner for FREE because my Aunt gave this to me last December (yay!). She chose the black one (I dunno why) but ‘twas alright... :))
Unlike my previous experience with the Starbucks 2013 planner which I was able to open second half of the year already, I began using this last March since I didn’t wanna wait that long for a buyer. And here it goes:

It comes with a very nice box, as always. It also says “Your redeemed planner comes with a donation to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda”. Awwww. Indeed, share our blessings!

Oooops! Pa-excite lang. LOL

Ohhhhh… Simple yet elegant! It appears manly to me and I think, it compliments businessmen in suits. HAHA. Well, I am excited to flip the pages already. By the way, the bookmark is also cute!

It is sealed so you are very sure that you claimed/bought an authentic one.

This is the magnetic lock on the side with some metallic engravings. Not sure if it’s abstract or what, or if these are “stars”? But I know this is the trademark of SB.

Yikes! This is the cute bookmark shaped like a coffee cup. It looks antique, right? Well, it is an old school style bookmark with a ribbon to mark which pages you’ve been gone through.

This is the front page, detailing some tweaks about their company history and heritage.

Wonderful graphics and pictures are shown every month, like the sample above.

This is the monthly calendar where in you can write some of the important highlights of your life, apart from the daily pages for you to write on the detailed events.
(Mine are purposely blurred since they’re kindda jologs. HAHA)

Here’s the day to day pages with extra wide space for Saturdays and Sundays. But since my rest days fall on weekdays, I never write much “plans” for these days. It also has a space for “Notes” at the bottom and a mini calendar beside it; where in the current week is highlighted.

Sadly, unlike the previous planner where in there were grid lines provided for each day (like a typical notebook) so the writings would be organized, this year only contains “blank” spaces. So, kanya kanyang tantyahan muna ng sulat. LOL

These are the side months coloured in different hues…

…And a personal information page at the back. There are also several barcodes to scan, which I haven’t tried yet (my phone doesn’t have a barcode scanner… *sobs*)

Last but not the least, of course, these will never get out of the picture!!! Presenting, the monthly coupons!!! Woot woot! They also have an extra freebie this time — some few stickers to play on. Hep! These stickers are the coloured version of the planner’s cover design, I think.

Here’s a comparison of the current planner that I have with the previous year’s. The white one’s a bit bigger in size.

What I like with this year’s planner is being not too bulky, unlike the previous one. 2013 planner has some sort of complicated strings attached to the cover and to the notebook causing it to appear thicker. 2014 planner appears like a sophisticated book, refined and distinct.

At first, I was a bit saddened since the planner’s appearance is somewhat plain, especially the cover. But I guess, I like it better compared to last year’s, hehe. Well, these two don’t act like “planners” for me anyway, since what I write here the most are the past events and not the future ones, so they are more like of a “diary” for me. I hope next year (and for the next coming years), I can grab an SB planner again for free. HAHA. Who knows, I might have a personal collection of SB planners in the future? :))

‘Till my next blogpost!


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