Uncle Cheffy: Eton Centris Walk

I have always been hearing of Uncle Cheffy every now and then, but little did I know that this resto offers sumptuous meals at an affordable price. Now, this one's already included to the list of my fave dating restos, but how? Well, you will find out below :))

Uncle Cheffy at Eton Centris Walk. Photo grabbed from this site

Undecided where to eat, me and Noy had been strolling in Eton Centris Walk one fine Saturday looking for a nice place to take our lunch. We were rooting for something grilled; we saw Uncle Cheffy's poster offering some grilled menu, thus, we quickly decided to try this out. We (or rather I), wanted some peaceful and cool place to eat so we immediately settled ourselves here. The ambiance was nice, quiet and clean, though it was kindda weird that only few customers were there knowing it was a Saturday afternoon. Anyway, I didn't mind -- I preferred it that way actually :))

The staffs were accommodating and courteous; I never even had to call them to refill my drinks so that's a plus for me. I'm not quite sure if they're also the same during peak hours though, but I do wish. Anyway, like what I've said earlier, we were looking for grilled stuffs, but out of no-where, we ordered pizza and roasted chicken instead. HAHA

All Meat Barbecued Pizza
Beef teriyaki, pork, chicken barbecue, onion, chili flakes and 3 cheese

Since Noy just recovered from diarrhea the day before (*ehem* sorry folks. LOL) and mustn't eat too much cheesy, saucy and oily foods, we just ordered a junior-sized All Meat Barbecued Pizza. But hey, we never expected it would came to our table like this! Such a wonderful view! We loved the mini salad side dish, such a surprise <3. I even topped my pizza with the yummy tomato slices.

Ohhhhh look at that! O_O *drooling*

Well, it was a thin crust pizza with lotsa cheese (oooh I love it) and tender BBQ meat on top. The All Meat BBQ Pizza is rectangular in shape, diagonally sliced into 5 parts, looking so classy. Well guess what, it's only 165 pesos! Fair deal, we got a yummy pizza plus a matching salad on the side so we were truly satisfied with this one.

Roasted Chicken Maurino
Available in 2 pcs or 4 pcs

Next foodie, 2 pcs Roasted Chicken Maurino. I never thought it would have a lot of sauce, actually I was imagining like roasted chicken from Andoks HAHA. It looked just plain unlike the pizza that surprised us, but the taste, it never disappointed us. Sauce pa lang, ulam na. At first, I was not too excited to taste this one until Noy told me (with matching paawa effect cuz I reminded him to take only the chicken) "Baby, ang sarap nung sauce :(". HAHAHAHA. Okay, sige na nga. I was just worried his tummy might get upset again; luckily, it didn't. :))

Yummy thick sauce!

The chicken meat was tender, the sauce was delicious. It even had some sliced shiitake mushrooms that really matched the flavour of the sauce. The price? 139 pesos for two pieces of chicken. Not bad afterall. In the end, we were both full and happy with our orders. I even rated them "excellent" in all aspects when I filled out their survey form. Surely, we'll come back here again to try out their pastas and other menu items (the grilled ones as well. LOL). Can't wait for our next date already! Teehee! <3

Uncle Cheffy also offers beers, cocktails and wines. If you wanna chill out while having some good food, check out their branch nearest to you:

Eastwood Mall
2/F Eastwood Mall, Veranda, Eastwood Ave
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
(02) 383-7215

Burgos Circle
Forbes Town Center, Forbestown Rd
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 659-8030

Centris Walk
5A Eton Centris Walk, EDSA cor Quezon Ave
Pinyahan, Quezon City
(02) 376-0051

4/F Two E-Com Bldg., Mall of Asia Complex, Ocean Dr
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
(02) 478-0584

Santa Rosa, Laguna
(049) 502-5970

Robinson Place - Manila
G/F Robinson Place Manila, Midtown Wing, Adriatico St
Ermita, Manila
(02) 381-3449

SM Megamall
3/F SM Megamall, Julia Vargas Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 401-3658

Greenfield District
Greenfield District, Mayflower St
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong
(02) 925-1488

Molito Lifestyle Mall
Molito Lifestyle Mall, Madrigal Ave
Alabang, Muntinlupa
(02) 808-1677

Bluewave Mall
Sto. Niño, Marikina

Blue Wave Marquinton Mall
Blue Wave Marquinton Mall, Sumulong Highway
Sto. Niño, Marikina

Robinsons Metro East
Robinsons Metro East, Marcos Hwy
Dela Paz, Pasig
(02) 631-9655

The Venice Piazza
G/F The Venice Piazza, Upper McKinley Rd
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 836-4969

Star Mall Prima
G/F Star Mall Prima, Cayetano Ave
Ususan, Taguig
(02) 477-7265

'Till my next blogpost!


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