AVON Baby Moisturizing Lotion :))

Who says baby products can only be used by babies? Since babies still have sensitive skin, most of the products intended for them are mild, gentle and doesn’t contain much chemicals, well, definitely good even for adult use ☺. So let us welcome summer days by freeing our skin with some dye, paraben and harsh formulated lotions, yet still keeping it cuddly soft and moisturized.

Since my mom’s an AVON dealer, I can always try AVON products anytime I wanted to. But hey, I pay those items with my own money, noh (Defensive lang? Haha). Anyway, I’ve been seeing this AVON Baby Moisturizing Lotion a long time ago every time I browse their brochure, so I got interested trying this out. Well, it’s certainly for babies so this one’s good for sensitive skin — pediatrician and allergy-tested. Hehe. But woah, it only comes in 200mL size so the bottle’s a bit huge, but cute and fat. Haha. The scent? I loooooveeee it! Smells like baby powder or something, calming and it makes me feel fresh (amoy bagong ligo)

The texture is smooth and not sticky, even on sunny days. It moisturizes and keeps my skin supple; one application is enough to last long. My younger brother also enjoys using it (although he loves to deny, I could still smell the scent. HAHA). Well, I just thought it was only me who wants to smell like a baby. LOL

By the way, this also has another variant in Calming Lavender. I haven’t tried it yet but will soon, perhaps, once this big bottle of mine is finished. And oopppss, since this is originally a baby product, they also have shampoo and wash, baby oil and baby cologne. OHA. One complete set not only for babies, but for us adults as well :))

Original price is 250 pesos but I bought mine for 159 pesos only (since it was on sale) :)) Lucky me. Hahaha.

‘Till my next blogpost! ♥


  1. Have you tried Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Body Lotion? It is fragrance-free and fast-absorbing.
    ~Pauline @Eucerin Philippines

    1. Hello, Pauline. I have heard about this brand but haven't tried it yet. Will soon, perhaps :))
      Thanks for your comment!


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