WOW! It Has Been A Year Already :))

Well... Time flies so fast and we only have 30 days left before Christmas. It has also been a while since I published my last blogpost here — as I always find myself very busy on an everyday basis, hence, leaving no time for blogging anymore. Oh actually, I have no time for my own self as well, haha. And now that I am finally free from my daily burden, I am eventually trying to make time and deal with the stuffs I have neglected and perhaps, have forgotten a long, long ago already — taking care of myself and doing the things that I love the most.

Last month, I have decided to leave my workplace which has been a 2nd home for me for more than 5 years. Although I have been planning to resign for let's say... 5 years ago as well (hahaha), it was still a heartbreaking incident for me. Yeah, I've been too exhausted and too tired everyday that I'm dragging myself to work, but what can I do? I was a corporate slave back then. LOL. Until one day, I have fully came up with a very tight decision of submitting the "letter of freedom" which I know would open up a new world for me, and would also help me overcome the TMJ Disorder I am suffering right now. Yes, the primary reason why I've decided to leave my work and take a break is for me to recover from my TMJ Disorder. Sad to say, I would be a certified "tambay" in the meantime. I need to allot myself enough (actually, more than enough) time for rest in order to recuperate from my condition. :((

Unfortunately, my dentist advised me that there has been no significant improvements in my healing process over the past few months, taking into consideration the therapy sessions I've been undergoing and this annoying dental splint I've been wearing up to this moment. The phase 1 of my treatment is already extended as this is supposed to last until September only. The reason behind all these? STRESS. Of course, wala nang iba pa. HAHAHA. But wait, I know what's on your mind... "What's TMJ Disorder anyway? Never heard of it before." Well... I'll tell you the details some other time. HAHAHA :))

'Till my next blogpost! :))


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