My TMJD Story: On My 9th Month (December)...

It has been more than a month already since I have resigned from my work. I have gained a lot of sleep which normally lasts from 9-10 hours. I encounter lesser stress as my only problem is how to win a job on Upwork so I can have enough money for my "dates". I am now enjoying enough rest and more time to browse, browse and browse the internet. In short, my condition is now getting better and I can truly agree that I have made the right decision to prioritize my health first.

1st WEEK:

  • I had my free therapy session once again. It's been 3 weeks since I had my 3rd wisdom tooth extracted; my wound has already healed, I guess. Although I arrived late for the nth time, after a few minutes of sitting in the lobby and connecting to the WIFI, I was led to the therapy room by a new therapist and she started attaching the wires and pads to the usual spots. After ~90 minutes, she came to massage me using the RF machine, which is always my favourite part of the therapy.
  • After the session, I met with Dr. Marvin and asked him what would be our next procedure (so I can fully condition myself and prepare the money as well. LOL). Well, he just advised me to have another therapy session next week (for free ♥), so my condition would continue to get better as I can now insert 3 fingers in my mouth! YES, 3 FINGERS!!! Finally, after 9 months of hwaiting!!! That's soooo great! ☺☺☺

Photo grabbed from this website

  • Next week, my therapy would be at 9:00 AM. Goodluck to me! I wish no more lates! :))


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