Frustrated Writer I Am :))

Yes. I admit it.

I am a frustrated writer, and I really, really admire these two gals who have conquered the literary world already, from being the authors of the two best online stories now published as books. Whew! They're great. Just indeed great! :))

She's Dating the Gangster Original Cover Poster

Lemme tell you something about She's Dating the Gangster first, since I was able to read it prior to Diary ng Panget. This is not a full review about SDTG, just some few points regarding it. I got to read this story way back last year when I was just browsing, and happened to drop by their Teentalk section. Noticing that they have their Creative Corner, I got curious since I really had no idea during that time that we can publish our very own stories online! Woooaaahhh that's soooo great. SDTG was quite popular then, winning lots of awards and gaining a lot of readers, so I got interested to read this story. Hmm... lemme check this out.

Snapshot of She's Dating the Gangster Original Online Story

Well, it was soooo addicting actually, although the story is quite typical, it has a lot of twists and turns. This is about a girl named Athena, who met a guy with such gangster manners named Kenji. They soon fell in love with each other (kilig ♥), but of course, challenges about their relationship won't be out of the picture anyway. You will love the characters (as I love Kenji), and hate them as well (oh I hate Athena – the other Athena rather). This is a story of an everlasting love, which everyone of us really dreams of. Hayyyy. Unfortunately, this has a tragic ending, which made a lot of readers online shed a lot of tears. Geez, I haven't read the last two chapters of the story as of today, I am afraid to cry as well... :P Hehehe. But I know the ending already. Spoiler Alert! "Athena's going to die" (<~~ white font. Hahaha. Uh-oh. Don't read it :P) But maybe, someday, somehow, when I am ready to cry, I would probably opt to read how sad this story has ended.

SDTG was written by Bianca Bernardino aka SGWannaBe way back 2007-2008 (if I’m not mistaken). She has written a lot of stories online, including "She's Dating the Gangster, Too" (this is not a sequel since the characters are different already). This 2013, SDTG got published as a book, which are always sold out in bookstores due to insistent public demand (I bought mine at PowerBooks). Haha. The only thing here is that there's a big change from the story that I've read before (online) compared to the published book. They removed some unnecessary scenes, translated the whole story into English and Hangul (since the original story is a mixture of English, Tagalog and Korean), and somehow summarized everything. Well of course for me, I still prefer reading the original one, but it's better to read both. Grab the book now at 175 pesos and let's start dating with the gangster... :))

Fanfic of Diary ng Panget (just grabbed over the internet. LOL)

I only learned about Diary ng Panget just some few months ago, when I was browsing about reviews from SDTG's published book. DNP also has the same scenario, online story tuned into book! Knowing that this is as popular as SDTG, I got interested and started to read the original version first, before buying the book. Actually, DNP's story is more of a light, humorous approach, no tragic ending anyway :P I love Rhea "Eya" Rodriguez' character here, she really brought the story alive! This is literally called Diary ng Panget because Eya is so damn ugly (although she's soooo pretty in the picture above). She met Cross Sandford, her schoolmate who is a model of Bench and as usual, a school heartthrob. But same as AthenaxKenji's love team, these two started out as great enemies turned into lovers. Well, I prefer Chad (Eya's crush and bestfriend) to be her partner anyway. Haha. Actually, I find the story hanging so I wish for a continuation and season 4...

DNP was written by Ate Denny aka HaveYouSeenThisGirl (HYSTG). She's currently living and studying in Italy (wow) and is just 19 years old (pak na pak)! I envy you gurl... Anyway, DNP books are available in National Bookstores nationwide at 150 pesos. Good thing here is that they retained the language in Tagalog, but same as SDTG, some parts of the published story is quite different already vs. the original one. However, unlike the SDTG Book, DNP is subdivided into different parts (Book 1, Book 2, etc). I have now the copies of the first two books, I wish to collect all series!!! :))

Well, who knows, perhaps next year, just like Ramon Bautista's "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?", these stories might probably be in the big screen too! Yikes! Excited much! Well, let's just hope and pray for the success of these two, and for the success of all the online and aspiring writers out there. Me too, I might be able to publish my own story soon? Haha. I wish.....

(Eh tamad akong magtype... Aheeee! :P)

'Till my next blogpost!


  1. AWESOME REVIEW! :D Here's mine if you don't mind:

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  2. Thanks a lot Loraine! :))
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  3. Hi there. Is this teentalk still existent? Been to and I cannot find any link to teentalk at all. Thanks very much!

  4. Hi there. Is this teentalk still existent? Been to and I cannot find any link to teentalk at all. Thanks very much!


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