Unboxing My Starbucks 2013 Planner :))

Yeah, this may really sound so weird and this post is literally über late, but let me just give you a view of how I unboxed my Starbucks 2013 Planner! Hahaha. Imagine, 8 months have already passed? How time flies...

Honestly saying, I have unboxed this planner only last June, when I had simply lost my hope on how to dispatch this one. LOL. Yes, this planner is actually not mine. I was selling this to my friend during the 1st quarter of the year. She bought a 2012 SB planner to me last year, so I offered her again the 2013 edition. She agreed anyway, but few months had passed yet she was still not getting the planner from me despite my notices. It became rotten inside my cabinet already, until she informed me at last that she won't be purchasing this, she was hospitalized three times and had no expense to buy such a costly planner anymore. Uhhh-oh holy cow! So what must I do? Who would buy such a planner, when it was already hafta year passed?

Aissshhh. So I came up with a very tight decision of using this planner for my very own good (even though I don't usually plan my activities :P). By the way, it's white since my friend requested that colour. SB 2013 planner is available in Black, Green and White colours only.

Weeee! I'm soooooo proud owning a planner like this (it's expensive though. Haha). It has a magnetic bookmark shaped like a coffee cup, and two sets of coupons as well. I love how the pages look. I love writing here indeed, even though it serves more of a diary for me rather than a planner. LOL. I don't bring this at my office (we are not allowed to bring items outside our workspace anyway), I just keep this at home.

See how cute? They even have sticky notes... :))
Unfortunately, since I opened it only last June, I wasn't able to consume these last February. But hey. I can still make someone smile at any month, any week, or any day. Lemme think whom should I give these notes... Hmm...

Well, as opposed to the sticky note story above which can be used at any time, these coupons have an unfortunate ending instead. Those January to May coupons have expired already, sadly... :(( I may only able to use those which are left. Geez!

These coupons can be used from January to October 2013 :))

These coupons are from January to October only. Actually, I'm wondering why they don't have those for November-December? Maybe because these are the months allotted for collecting stickers again, hmm? Hehehe.

Yikes! Since it's already August tomorrow, then lemme share a thought. Whom shall I give this cute post card? We'll see!!! :P

'Till my next blogpost!


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